OscilloSpectroXpro is an oscilloscope, spectrograph and 3D spectrum analyzer
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OscilloSpectroXpro is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to display low-level voltage signals acquired from the left and right channels of the sound card in real time. The program has four display modes: Oscilloscope, Spectrograph, Bar graph, and V.U. meter.

The oscilloscope screen displays the signals on a grid where the Y axis represents the amplitude of the voltage and the X axis represents the time. You can choose to display the channels in separate/superimposed traces, channels sum/difference or Lissajous patterns. You can adjust the time scanning base, the voltage amplification factor, the voltage scale (linear or decibels), and the refresh speed mode.

The Spectrograph display mode uses a buffer that allows you to capture 45 seconds of the signal and the information captured is exported to a folder including a 3D graph. The information can be opened in Excel for further analysis.

The V.U. Meter and Bar graph display the amplitude level of both channels in a range of -20 to +3 dB, where +3 dB represents the saturation level. Only low-level voltage signals must be connected to the input of the sound card. If a high level voltage signal is connected, it will damage the sound card.

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  • Real-time measurement.
  • The Spectrograph allows capturing the signal and exporting it to a folder including a 3D graph for further analysis.


  • Only low-level voltage signals must be connected to the input of the sound card.
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